Bergontwerp is a Dutch studio led by Gerard Bovenberg. It makes handmade ceramic lamps and chandeliers in the extraordinary translucent and durable ‘bone china’ or ‘ivory porcelain’. These porcelain lamps with their sculptural presence give warm atmospheric light. Some models also give subtle direct and focused light.

The lamps are produced manually in the artist’s studio. They are cast in bone china which is often associated with classic, refined English tableware. But the unglazed bone china in these objects – with their irregular shape and ‘skin’ – has a solid and monumental appearance. This creates an intriguing tension with the translucent qualities of the porcelain.

Each casting has a distinct design that only becomes visible when the form is illuminated from within. This contributes to the lively character of the lamps. The design consists of drips, drops, trapped air bubbles, pinholes and other irregularities in the petrified porcelain. Moreover, the finishing and the firing processes influence the final shape and surface of the lights. Each lamp is therefore unique.
In addition to a variety of lamps, Gerard also developed large multi-part chandeliers which can also be made in bespoke size and shape.